Here are a few recent questions:

Each apron string is 30" x  2
What are the apron sizes?
Cocktail= 31" W  x 12" L
Short= 31" W  x 18" L
Medium= 31" W  x 24" L
Long= 31" W  x 34" L
Bib= 26" W  x 30" L
See Pocket Design for pocket sizes
What are the pouch sizes?
Money/mini pouch= 9" W  x 10" L (pocket 7")
Single pocket pouch= 9" W  x 10" (pocket 8.5")
iPad Pouch= 9" W x 13.5" L
XL Tablet Pouch= 10.5" W  x 14" L
Which pouch fits Surface Pro- XL Tablet Pouch
Here are the iPad and the HP Elite Pad measurements
 What are your shipping rates?