Tablet Pouches

Your job requires you to carry a lot of stuff. A lot. That's the problem.

You need your hands free most of the time. You need all your stuff right there the moment you need it. And your stuff should be safely stored when you don't.

(Those mobile POS systems, iPads and tablets are expensive and easy to break.)

So Let's Design the Perfect Solution

As long as we are designing the ideal tablet pouch, what should it have?

  • You need something big enough and strong enough to hold your expensive electronics securely. 
  • You need lots of organizing pockets of different sizes. And those pockets should be secure.
  • it should look good and keep looking good, even after it's been washed over and over and over again.
  • It ought to be comfortable to wear, because it's part of your job. 
  • And it must be durable, because it's going to be abused in day-to-day wear.

The DeLawn(™) Tablet Pouch Difference

We chose a very particular poly/cotton blend for our tablet pouches. It’s not cotton and it’s not polyester. It’s the best of both fabrics.

Cotton is natural, soft and breathable. And it feels good against your skin. 

But cotton tears easily, shrinks when washed, and wrinkles like crazy. Plus, high-quality cotton is expensive as all heck. 

Polyester is manmade and consistently inexpensive. It is almost impossible to tear or rip. It is wrinkle resistant, water resistant, and shrink resistant. It keeps its shape even after dozens of wash cycles. It’s much stronger than cotton, yet it stretches better. 

On the other hand, polyester absorbs odors and isn’t at all breathable. Yuck.

The DeLawn(™) Poly/Cotton Fabric

That’s why we chose our particular poly/cotton blend. It’s the best possible material for our aprons and tablet pouches, because it combines the best qualities of cotton with the best qualities of polyester. And that combination cancels out the less-good qualities of each material.

Our fabric wears like iron. It is almost impossible to tear, rip or stain. It keeps its shape, resists wrinkling, dries fast and yet it feels soft to the touch.

In other words, it looks good, feels good, and keeps looking and feeling good wash after wash after wash.

Gutermann Thread

We use a particular brand of German-made thread called Gutermann. It’s more expensive to make, more expensive to import, and more demanding to work with. It’s also a lot stronger, and lasts a lot longer than just about any thread on the market. 

If you were trying to make the cheapest stuff possible, you would never select this thread. It would be a waste of your money.

On the other hand, if you wanted to make the best-quality, longest-lasting products, there’s no better quality thread in the world.

“Able” Belts

Our belts are able in many different ways. 

  • Comfortable - The pouch material is soft, so it feels good in your fingers and on your waist. The belt adjusts to fit almost any waist size, or you can wear it with a shoulder sling instead. Whether you choose the belt or the sling, they are easy to use. The belt slides out without effort when it’s time to wash your pouch, and it slides back in just as easy. Or, you can switch from belt to shoulder sling in a matter of seconds.
  • Adjustable - Choose from 2 sizes of removable web-mesh belts. The regular belt adjusts to fit waists from 25 inches to 46 inches. The XL belt will fit waists from 31 to 60 inches. Or add the optional padded shoulder sling. It is easy just as easy to adjust as the belt, and just as durable.
  • Durable: Luggage handlers are brutal, so luggage straps have to be even tougher. That’s why we use the same belt used by luggage makers. It is almost impossible to tear or rip - even under extreme conditions. And it will last long after you gather your last tip.
  • Reliable: We believe your belt should stay buckled until you’re ready to take it off. Then it should be easy to unbuckle. That’s why we chose the same belt-and-buckle combination used by luggage makers use to keep your duffel bag secure through airport baggage handling. When it’s supposed to be closed, it stays closed. And it’s easy to open when you’re ready to open it.

The Utterly Unique DeLawn(™) Design

A guy in a trench coat offers approaches you on a downtown street. He offers you a “genuine" Rolex for just $50.

Is this a great buy on a great watch?

Of course not.

It’s a lousy copy of a real Rolex. It’s a scam. 

Our Original Tablet Pouch design is the most-copied pouch design in the world. 

You can find cheap chinese rip-offs of our original design if you look hard enough. Don’t be a fool though. 

They don’t use our materials or manufacturing processes. They don’t use our quality controls, and they don’t stand behind their materials and workmanship.

There’s a reason we’ve been the first choice of the fine restaurants since 1987. Professionals with higher standards always choose quality over.

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