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Spectracom -  Service Apron - AZQualityAprons is a small family business, owned by a wife and husband team , DeLawn and Kevin. We are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1987, DeLawn was a food server at Steamers, an upscale seafood restaurant in Phoenix. Because the restaurant was short on aprons, she was given one that was used and worn out. After her shift, she asked permission to make her own apron (her college education was in clothing design). Steamers management said okay as long as it matched the fabric used by the rest of the staff.

She went to the fabric store and matched the material, then went to work designing an efficient and durable apron. Designing an apron that included all of her goals, reinforced corners, very tight stitching, long finished tie strings, cut wider to look better on anyone with hips and of course the very unique pocket design. Food servers just love the deep and multiple pockets. The design helps them be more efficient and since our aprons are built to last, they look better at their tables night after night.

At work, other food servers wanted to buy her aprons. Steamers management then started to place orders. From there on the business grew as more restaurants started to order for their food servers and bus staff. Over time, she developed more styles of aprons, all utilizing the unique pocket design.

One side note many of our apron clients have been with us over 27 years!
We want you to know that we care about your business.
Thank you for taking the time to read about us.  
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